Busy raw-vegan clients love Private Chef's who deliver!

A client and dear friend was introduced across my coffee table at a summer open house. As he leaned in for a European air kiss, to each cheek, he dove for my vegan coffee table books. In a snap, I was invited to cook for he and several of his friends, days later. I arrived with all of the organic groceries and prepared a tasting menu for 20 in an all white condo posing as a gallery. We were suspended out over the shoreline some five or six stories up. It was breathtaking with sitar music drifting from hidden speakers and the ocean pulsing the beat under our feet. The vegan plates were artful and the flavors & textures balanced to perfection.  I was rockin it and my new client/friend was glad to have discovered me.  

I made weekly visits to clients kitchens, created their favorite dishes and sauces, packaged them for the next few days and left their kitchens cleaner then when I'd arrived.  Several clients hired me to cater gallery showings, open house and raw-vegan culinary class parties. Art and food all healthy and nutritious...and even freshly juiced cocktails make "healthy" a very sexy way to entertain, everyday!   I found my passion in healthy & nutritious menus served as tasty culinary art.   By Valerie Adair www.culinaryorigins.com